About Dr. Hassan Dr. Salah Hassan has been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years and he is the founder of the American Veterinary Hospital. He was born on the 4th of July and has been an East Meadow town resident for 16 years with his wife and four children. He graduated Cairo University in 1982 and graduated Iowa State University in 1996. He opened up his first clinic as Astoria Animal Hospital in Astoria, NY in 1997. He opened his second Astoria Animal Hospital in 1998. The American Veterinary Hospital in East Meadow, NY is Dr. Hassan’s newest clinic which was opened in 2015. In every clinic Dr. Hassan opens, he always uses state of the art veterinary technology including EKG, Laser for Therapy and Surgery, and digital X-Ray. In 1988, Dr. Hassan invented the caps for cats which are now known as “Soft Paws”. His medical interests include surgeries (soft tissue, orthopedic, oral) and dermatology. He is a member of most social and medical veterinary associations. In his free time, Dr. Hassan enjoys traveling, reading, horseback riding and playing tennis. Dr. Salah Hassan has dedicated himself to veterinary care and surgical procedures.

For the first time in egypt and middle east-the state of the art-small animal and exotic hospitls 4 branches founded by Dr. Salah E. Hassan, 23 years experiance in the USA Zamalek , sheikh zayed, maadi,And the Alexandria .

Dr. Diana Matta   DVM

Joined avc on 21/7/2013 Alexandria Branch

Master of surgery

Graduated 2013  Alexandria University

Profession interests: Surgery

Personal interests: Playing violin

Dr. Eriny Ramzy labeeb mikhail , DVM

Joined avc 30 June 2014 Alexandria Branch

Graduated 2014 Alexandria University

Profession interest : soft tissue surgeries,  dermatology, turtles surgery, birds

Personal interest : reading books , listening to music

Dr. Ahmed Shawky, DVM

Joined AVC 2017 Zamalek Branch

Diploma in Surgery

Graduated 2012

Profession interest: Interested in exotic & zoological animal medicine

Personal interests: reading , traveling, swimming

Dr. Ayman Moustafa, DVM

Joined  AVC 2014 Zayed Branch

Diploma in pets , Cairo University.

Profession interest: Surgery.

Personal Interest: Basketball and boxing

Dr Soheir El Morshedy, DVM

Joined AVC March 2014. Maadi Branch

Gaduation date 2013. Banha University

Master degree in small animal surgery.

Diploma in pet animals ,Cairo university 2014.

Profession interest :- surgery ,internal medicine.

Personal interest:- music , travelling .

Dr Ahmed Gamal, DVM 

Graduated : Cairo University 2014

Joined AVC :2016 Maadi Branch

Profession interest : dermatology, internal medicine, anaesthesia

Personal interest : travel. Swimming, music

Dr Nancy Elkhadrawy. DVM 

Graduated 2014 Kafr Elshekh university.

Joined AVC 2015 Maadi Branch

Mastrer in Surgery

Profession Interest small animal internal medicine and surgery.